AI is changing society and software engineering is next. It won’t slow down.

Today it's just a tool. You ask it a question, and you get an answer. Soon, it will use tools and work with you like a teammate.

As engineers, we find this both unnerving and exciting.

One way to react to this vision of the future is to deny it. Another way is to accept it and to shape it.

We've chosen the latter.

Engineers are creatives by heart. We express ourselves by shipping code. Yet, few of us are able to dedicate meaningful time to coding. We're still burdened with tasks like chasing down noisy alerts, writing status updates, and fixing broken builds.

There is a way to change this. Our AI teammates will gladly free us from these tasks so that we can finally bring the joy back to coding.

If this future resonates with you, come and build it with us. Drop your email below to get involved.

- Willem Pienaar ( Willem's LinkedIn Profile )